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Reverse Osmosis System

Our reverse osmosis systems are the most advanced and complete systems for drinking water treatment. Compact and functional, they are able to produce continuous flow water without storage tank, representing an effective solution for domestic, commercial and professional users.

Thanks to the reverse osmosis system, combined with the effectiveness of the “remineralizer”, our purification systems are able to reduce the levels of substances potentially dangerous for the body present in the water, such as chlorine, asbestos, arsenic, anthrax, limestone, nitrates, heavy metals, pesticides and other contaminants which are hazardous to human health, such as radioactivity. The silence and reliability of the motors and mechanical devices that make our purifiers the result of a perpetual research and design, combined with the study of optimal volumes and an accurate functional design. The reduced dimensions and the versatility of operation allow installations both in vertical position and in horizontal.

Microfiltration System

The water supplied through an HA360 system is completely chlorine-free and above all preserves some substances useful for our body such as magnesium, calcium, potassium and sodium. It also allows a healthy and balanced lifestyle by blocking all access to pathogenic bacteria and nitrates. By purifying water with the microfiltration technique, you can save money on bottled water and above all give a valid support to respect for the environment, drastically reducing the use of plastic. In addition, you will give your water an authentic and not altered taste, but of the highest quality with a fresh and pure taste.