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Experience at your service

A.A Group USA LLC is a US company that proudly represents, over the ocean, the large A.A Group Srl parent company, replicating the same quality standards of experience and professionalism, to meet every need. The activities and services that we offer to our customers are strictly based on the values of Quality, Reliability and Seriousness.


Like proper nutrition, the body needs proper hydration. A.A Group Usa LLC contributes to the work of information and awareness on the importance of paying due attention to the quantity and quality of water that our body takes daily, even indirectly through the processes of cooking food, without taking eyes off the million pounds of plastic and glass that are eliminated from the planet and an enormous saving and gain that a A360° systems gives you.


A.A Group operates in the market distinguishing itself for the reliability and the seriousness of its services as well as for the quality of its systems, all designed and produced in Italy in compliance with the technical standards of testing and certification required by current national and international legislation, with and  certification.


Thanks to its experience and the quality of its depuration systems, A.A Group Usa LLC is able to satisfy the multiple needs of residential areas, nursing homes, schools, kindergartens, commercial activities, medical and professional offices, and small medium and large sized Ho.Re.Ca companies.

360 Degrees Company

Attention to the customer is the primary objective of the A.A Group Usa mission. From serious and personalized consultancy services, to the timely installation of the purification systems, to reliable specialized assistance, each segment of A.A Group Usa’s production activity is aimed at insuring that these depurations systems last and that customers are completely satisfied. 

  • Water Depuration 99%
  • Professionality 100%
  • Assistance and Customer Care 100%
  • Customer Satisfaction 97%